About Jack Callum


John “Jack” Callum

1912: Born, Bulwer Road, Edmonton. 

1923: Attends Tottenham Grammar School.

1931: Goes into training at Hendon Police College. Starts work at Edmonton Police Station in Fore Street, rising through the police ranks to Detective Sergeant

1939: Joins the army at the start of the war and is seconded to Military Intelligence where he reaches the rank of Captain. Serves with them during the war, but doesn’t like to talk about it.

1946: On demob rejoins the police, rising rapidly through the ranks until – 

1956: Becomes Detective Chief Inspector and really feels he’s reached his level.


1939: Marries his childhood sweetheart Annie just before the outbreak of war.

1939: first daughter, Joan is born

1941: Gets Annie pregnant during his leave.

1942: Daughter Rose (Rosie) born. 

1944: Son Eric born.

1948: Transfers to the North Herts constabulary, preferring a less demanding and dangerous job, to see more of his wife and children. Buys a house just outside Letchworth.


Height 6 foot 1 inch. 

Weight 13 stone (182 pounds)

Learned to box in his time with both the police and the army. Doesn’t box now but keeps himself fit.

Doesn’t smoke cigarettes but enjoys the occasional pipe.

Likes a drink but not to excess.

Likes plain English cooking.

Doesn’t like fancy foreign food 

Drives a Morris Oxford Series III, two-tone green. 

Fiercely loyal to Annie. Loves her deeply and believes marriage is for life. 

Loves his children equally and has a firm but fair style of parenting.

Both parents still alive and they live in retirement in a small village in Dorset.

Loves his garden. Grows vegetables and Dahlias.


Gilbert and Sullivan, John Hanson, David Whitfield and other good singers. 

Ealing comedies and Alfred Hitchcock films (thinks Rear Window is one of his finest, but in general prefers 

Hitchcock’s English films). 

Variety theatre – favourites Max Miller and the Crazy Gang. 

Doesn’t read newspapers except for the football results and the crosswords but is always defeated by them so usually doesn’t bother, but he likes books. Graeme Greene, John Buchan, but has no time for Agatha Christie, feeling her books are too tidy with neat endings, and thinks her portrayal of the English police is vaguely insulting.

Listens to his records and the radio, mostly the Home service and Third program. His idea of a good night out is to take Annie up to London to see a show or to go dancing, He’s not a particularly good dancer but is light on his feet thanks to his boxing training, but Annie loves dancing and is very good, so he likes to please her.

He has a keen mind and is passionate about his job. Doesn’t believe in capital punishment but has caught a few villains whose life has come to an end on the gallows.