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Welwyn and Hatfield Police Station.


To take  a look back to how things were in Britain at the time, click on the photo.

The iconic Wolseley police car


Notice the classic Winkworth bell. Click on the image for more.

The Phoenix 150 motor scooter


A crucial clue in Three Monkeys.

High Society


High Society: the film David Neville takes Rosie Callum to on their first date.

The 2I's coffee bar.


Situated in London's Soho district, the 2I's is widely held to be the birthplace of British Rock n' Roll. Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard and the shadows all got their initial break hare. Click on the photo for more.

Play in a Day


Bert Weedon, 'the man who taught the world to play guitar.' Eric Clapton, Hank Marvin and Mark Knopfler etc all learned from the master's book.

The Hofner Club 150


Eric Callum's first electric guitar. John Lennon would go on to play the same model. Click on the photo for a demonstration.

Lonnie Donegan


The king of skiffle. He started as a banjo player in Chris Barber's jazz band but was giver a spot in the show to play 'skiffle'. Soon he recorded 'Rock Island Line' and left Barber for much more lucrative career.

Les Paul and Mary Ford


The music played on the wireless in 1958 was becoming an alien sound to Jack, whose preference was for 'real' singers like Mary Ford, and true musicians like Les Paul

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