Past Reviews

Back in 2016 the first three Jack Callum books were published as a trilogy under the Maynard Sims by-line by Joffe Books in London. What follows is a handful of Five Star reviews received.

Everything that could be wrong- was: for me alone. Yet why was I riveted By P. Tippingon 11 December 2016


This book was on a hiding to nothing (did not stand a chance) having me as a reader. It was set in the UK (I prefer U.S.) it was in a time period that I try to avoid had (50's)! and it could be considered the literary equivalent of Film Noire ! I just had a debate with fb friends about this time period , and my dislike of it.

So with all that stated up front.I found it a brilliant read, I must declare that I have only read one third of the book, and I so wanted to Write a review, that might change some peoples opinions, and reading the reviews up to date they are all pretty positive. I will review the rest of the book later.This book is well written and describes the characters so well. It is about a series of murders in 1958, There is little progress and the lead investigator Jack Callum is getting nowhere fast. He has team members whom he can count on- but the case is stalled. This case is only two weeks old and the age old problem of office politics means jack is sidelined! He does find out who he can count on though.

If you were a teddy boy or a mod this is right up nostalgia st.

its early morning, and I must get some sleep - or begin the second book.

I have just finished The other two volumes in this trilogy - both were exceptional reads - and unusual plots. The characters wreaked of the post war period and as stated previously not one of my favourite locales. But the writing and plots overcame my reticence immediately. Thoroughly recommended!!

Three very good reads. By Tony Froggatton 19 October 2016

These are my favorite kind of detective stories, going back to the early days when instead of computers and ipads etc. the best way to catch criminals was a lot of foot slogging and human intuition three excellent stories I will be on the look out for more. Three very good reads.

More please!!! By Tripower53on October 15, 2016

 Wonderful, wonderful series of stories.

These stories are set in the late 1950’s in England. Detective Jack Callum is somewhat advanced for his time period however, allowing his family to get a television and his wife to have a part time job. Oh, the horrors of it! Maynard Sims has it perfect when writing about the 50’s. (Showing my age here, cough.)

Blending the detection with Callum’s family life is a brilliant way to write these books.

In the first story, we have children going missing. They are later found dead. Callum and his team follow a convoluted trail of clues to a really sick person who is doing the killing and his tribe of “friends.”

The second story is about an actor who is viciously killed. With a cast of many who disliked the actor – not the least the man who is the actor’s father- Callum’s team has quite a few people to interview. The story takes a twist as it goes along when we discover that not is what it seems. Neither are the people who we think they are.

The third story is about a murder in an orphanage/convent when one of the young nuns is horrifically killed. The people visiting and the children were watching a movie at the time. Did someone enter from outside? What of Sister Bernadette? Who was she? What Callum and his team find out is she was not at all the person the Mother Superior thought she was. This leads Callum and his team to search for clues further afield. Then a priest is killed. The plot, as they say, thickens.

These are superb stories. I can only hope that there will be more Jack Callum books. Please, Mr. Maynard, I want more!! 

Brilliance By Amazon Customer on 22 October 2016

Really enjoyed all three books. I was born in the fifties where it is set so it took me back to my childhood. Loved the way you could follow all the characters from book one to three. Wish was a book four.

Don't be daunted by the thickness of the book - it's a cracking read!

Cracking read! Good period drama, full of suspense and red herrings. Particularly liked the way the family relationships were written - brought the characters to life. Can't wait for the next instalment.